République Ouvrière de Vidalie; Vidalie; ROV
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The Workers' Republic of Vidalia have the power of Communism.

Game InfoModifier

Governments: Despotism; Republican; Socialism
National Bonuses: (possible)

  • Enemies take 100% extra attrition damage from "Russian Winter"
  • Attrition research upgrades received for free
  • National Border recieve +1 bonus per Civic Research
  • Start with 1 Level of Civics Already Researched
  • Gathers Oil 33% faster

Unique units muster:

Experimental unit: LV-X siege tank (obtainable with Vernalization centre constructed)

Suggestions and spoilersModifier

CtW hintsModifier

The KGV mentions that the Red Army's tactics are a state secret not to be breached on pain of torture and summary execution.

Faction summaryModifier

  • Heavily militarised faction which emphasises tank rushing again. If at first you're not Russian, rush again.


- Great Leader Vidal

- Marshal Tukhachevsky

- Marshal Melentieva

- Admiral Kulov

- Admiral Romanenko

- General Brejnev

Tech tree:
(needs a graphic)

Monuments buildable: (needs a sliedshow)


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La Grande guerre et révolution vidalisteModifier

I'm hungry. Have you any facts for me?

4me Grande guerre du NordModifier

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Mort du TrotskyModifier

Adventures africainesModifier

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1me Guerre du LevantModifier

  • Initially unsuccessful in invading Jihadia, Vidalia manages to annex the Caucasus and establish the Egyptian Workers' Republic and the People's Republic of Ethiopia. However, this first attempt at creating a Vidalist state in Africa would go awry.

Guerre de Succession d'AngoleModifier

(see main article here)

  • Attempts for a second go at a Vidalian Africa are made complicated with its relations with Jihadia and failure to control the Egyptian Workers' Republic. Elsewhere, the People's Republic of Ethiopia eventually falls apart.

Guerre de Succession de l' Horde d'OrModifier

I'm hungry. Have you any facts for me?

2me Grande GuerreModifier

Vidalia takes Northern Iran in an attempt to prevent Salviatian forces from attacking any further.

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